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Flikka - Rescue Mission Pt-9
"Flikka - Rescue Mission Pt-9"
By: Ed Conen       02Jul2017
 Flikka woke to cold, dark, and… a sharp tapping against her ear??  A moment later there was a light tap against the back of her shoulder.  She opened her eyes just in time to see the small pebble that bounced off her nose, followed by a barely suppressed giggle from Kerby.  The giggle changed to a shriek when Flikka erupted with the reflexive quickness of a feral Whikkkhkkt to suddenly appear in Kerby’s face with lots of teeth showing!  Kerby grabbed her own muzzle with both hands to stifle the shriek, and to prevent the Whikkkhkkt from doing the same, only more painfully.  Kerby’s eyes were as big as saucers as she sat nose-to-nose with Flikka, not daring to breathe.  Flikka grinned back at her, then stood and gave herself a shake to shower Kerby with all the little pebbles that had lodged in her thick coat while she slept.
 “Aah! Hey!” Kerb
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Flikka - Rescue Mission Pt-8
"Flikka - Rescue Mission Pt-8"
By: Ed Conen       29May2017
  Flikka woke to cold, dark, and pain.  Well, less dark once she opened her eyes to narrow slits, but getting there.  It seemed like her whole body hurt, including her head.  “Did I fall?” she wondered.  Then she remembered the fight and the blow to her head.  And then she remembered the third pirate, wounded but still alive, and armed.
  Long ago Flikka had taught herself to wake without seeming to wake.  It was her default anywhere except in the security of her own ship, Bhan-Shee.  Now she put that habit to good use.  First she listened, checked for scents, and tried to look around through barely opened eyes.  There was nothing; except that it was nearing dark.  “Out for a couple of hours maybe,” she considered, “Now, what woke me up?”  Flikka decided it was too quiet.  Both h
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Flikka - Rescue Mission Pt-7
  "Flikka - Rescue Mission Pt-7"
  by: Ed Conen  
 Flikka woke up the next morning and was in mid-stretch when she looked out of her temporary den...and froze.  She cocked her head and squinted as she studied the phenomenon and then said, "Currr?!?  Khkkact Rikittk Murrtt!??!"  (A more polite translation might go roughly, "Son of a biscuit!  Where the heck did my night go??")  Her stomach growled its own question back at her.  Flikka glanced down and patted the hollow of her empty belly in apology.
 Whikkkhkkts do not fast well.  While their rapid metabolism is quite efficient it does need something to work with.  Once it runs out of fresh food to fuel the body it starts in on stored fats, which Whikkkhkkts don't generally have much of.  When that runs out...  Well, at that point they really start to get a bit cranky.
 With a "Hmmph!" of resignation Flikka turned and, with a wistful glance back at her c
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Flikka - Rescue Mission Pt-6
posted 23Apr2017
         "Flikka - Rescue Mission Pt-6"
          By: Ed Conen
 After a last look back at the pirate base, Flikka turned and trotted away down the far side of the ridge.  She left behind her a small plume of smoke spreading from the spaceport's office area, several blaring alarms, and a lot of confused and panicky pirates, most of whom had no idea what was going on or what they should be doing.  Poor training and communications from paranoid pirate chieftains afraid of being ousted by their own underlings were all to Flikka's advantage.
 The first thing Flikka wanted now was distance!  Before the pirates got an organized search going she wanted to already be out of reach if at all possible.  She had asked her former captor about the south exit as a distraction, and then left the base in a northeasterly direction.  Flikka deliberately did not go directly north, directly opposite to her
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Flikka - Rescue Mission Pt.5
29Jan2017 - 04Feb2017
                      "Flikka - Rescue Mission Pt.5"
                       By: Ed Conen
 Flikka returned to the corridor and gave her fur a last rake-through with her
claws before sauntering off, tail swishing gaily side-to-side, in the direction the
others had taken.  It seemed that would be a good bet for the fastest way out.
 Sure enough Flikka quickly reached a bend in the corridor and then another door
just beyond, also standing open.  "How dumb can you be??"  Quickly slipping through
she found the guardroom just beyond.  She took a quick peek inside and pulled back
immediately to digest what she'd seen.  Just the one guard, and he was engrossed in
looking at something on his comp screen, something that made him smile.  Flikka
rolled her eyes as she leaned against the wall.  With a shake of her he
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Flikka - Rescue Mission Pt-4
26May2016 - 08Jan2017
Flikka  Rescue Mission Part-4
 Flikka woke to cold, dark, and pain.  With a small whimper she rolled onto her side, curled up, and went back to sleep.
 The second time Flikka awoke it was less cold, less dark, and less painful; but, not by a whole lot.  She stifled a groan and feigned continued sleep when she heard footsteps.  Moments later a door opened and two guard dogs stepped into the room.  
 "Huh; she's alive at least," said one, "When we left her before she was stretched out flat, limp as a cat and dead to the world."
 The other dog waved a small wand over Flikka's body, grunted at the readouts, and pronounced her healthy.  "Pulse, temp. and respiration's pretty darned good, considering," he said. "Very good actually," he added with a curious tilt to his head.
 "So we should start leaving food and water for her now?"
 "No, nothing," replied the medic.  "We'll weaken her up some until the Boss
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Flikka - Rescue Mission - Part-2
02Mar2016 Pt-2
 Flikka waited several hours before sticking her nose outside the little ship.  After landing she'd spent the remainder of the day alternately listening in on local communications and napping.  She knew exactly when the retreating Navy fighters had taken out the local ground surveillance and communications satellite, leaving the local combatants partially deaf and, hopefully, completely blind to Flikka's activities.  She also knew that all the Navy ships had successfully left the system in good order.
 Now, sticking her pretty nose outside Bitey's hatch for the first time her first thought was, "Why did they not tell me it would be winter?  A really, really -cold- winter.  Brrrr..!"  Flikka gave herself a shake, fluffing her fur against the cold, then stepped out into the night.
 It was more than three klicks through rugged terrain to the pickup point; even farther by the route Flikka took, scouting the territory as she went.
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Flikka - Rescue Mission Pt.3
08May2016 - Part 3
 Three times during the night Flikka's sensor warned her of activity outside.  Twice it was a small herd of native beasts.  Low-slung creatures; all were heavily furred and horned, with eight multijointed legs that let them traverse sharp ridges like giant, woolly caterpillars.  Their feet were split into several toes with hard, sharp claws that gave an excellent grip on the steep, rocky terrain.  Dirty white fur along with black heads, horns, legs, and feet let them blend into the winter scenery.  Flikka licked her lips at the sight, and scowled at the thought of the synthetic rations she had to exist on until she could get back to the Bhan-Shee and real food.  Apparently many species existed entirely on a synthetic diet aboard their starships and Flikka shuddered at even the thought of such a necessity.
 Flikka watched the herds of 'woolies' as they wandered across her view.  They seemed to go from
patch to patch of lich
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Flikka - Rescue Mission Pt.1
 Flikka stretched long and hard.  Every part of her, back, arms, legs, fingers, toes,
and claws extended as far as possible.  She squinted her eyes and laid her ears back
hard, whipping her tail back and forth before relaxing again and giving herself a good
all-over shake.  A quick brushing down of her fur and Flikka climbed eagerly down into
Bitey's cockpit.
 'Bitey' was Flikka's name for the little, high-performance combat scout that passed
for a "shuttle" aboard Bhan-Shee.  Like Bhan-Shee herself, Bitey was another of those
little details that seemed to fall through the administrative cracks of Navy
administraion and into Flikka's appreciative, pirate-fighting lap.  Also like Bhan-Shee,
Bitey had benefitted from Flikka's intelligent and imaginative mind and had several
"upgrades" that would never be approved for use inside the Navy.  Flikka grinned to
herself at the thought of the chewing-out she'd received from the local admiral the last
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Flikka - Rescue Mission - Prologue
Flikka – Rescue Mission
By Ed Conen (Iron Ed)
   Bhan-Shee coasted into the system at full stealth.  An exceedingly careful course plot by her pilot let her use several gravitational fields to slow her pace.  She did not have to use her engines at all until braking for a final orbit and descent to the surface.
 The small second moon of the ninth planet was one giant, barren rock floating in space.  Any surface area that wasn’t a crater was a mountain.  From a distance it looked like every bit of ground stood on edge.  If it wasn’t a mountainside it was a canyon, all of them hundreds or thousands of meters high or deep.
 Closer inspection revealed thousands of holes.  All that vertical ground was riddled with pits, cracks, and caves left by escaping gases as the molten rock of the moon’s formative moments erupted and cooled too quickly.
 There were plenty of fully enclosed gas bubbles still in exist
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Flikka: Incident at Sedalia Station - Epilogue
Flikka: Incident at Sedalia Station - Epilogue
                     An “Outworld” Fan-fiction by E. Conen
 The next day Skitrick and his grandfather stood together on a main concourse.  They were watching the giant screen that displayed ship movements in the vicinity of the busy “Sedalia Station” space station for the pleasure of the general public.  The dot representing Flikka’s ship slowly crawled across the display, accelerating as it headed outbound on the next leg of its journey.
 “Will she be all right?  Going out still injured like that?” Skitrick asked, seeking reassurance from his grandfather.
 “Hah!  Oh yes, Whikkkhkkts are tough!” Mr. Beglin snorted as he gave his grandson a calming pat on the shoulder and then chuckled.  “In fact, the way I heard it, Dr. Tucker insisted on a discrete
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Flikka - Incident at Sedalia Station
Working title: “Flikka Doodles” by E.Conen  
Final title:  
"Flikka – Incident at Sedalia Station"
                     An “Outworld” Fan-fiction by E. Conen
 Two hours later and dressed in a dark red shipsuit, Flikka stalked openly along the space station’s docks on her way to the ship chandler’s offices.  She did not need to be tall or bulky to get through the crowds.  Just being a Whikkkhkkt got her full courtesy and walking room.  Even the motley group of rough-looking sailors lounging sullenly along the walls pulled their feet out of Flikka’s path.  They also refrained from crude comments within range of her sharp ears.
 When she stepped into the ship-chandler’s display room and stopped to look around Flikka found it amusing to just stand quietly and listen to the buzz of conversation while counting
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Flikka - Incident at Sedalia Station - Prologue
Flikka – Incident at Sedalia Station  - Prologue
An “Outworld” Fan-fiction by E. Conen
 Flikka wore a smug little half-grin as she walked unimpeded down the crowded main concourse of Sedalia Station.  The fact that she’d been on the station not much more than an hour and had already received a free drink accounted for the grin.  
 The sounds of a raucous crowd cheering, yelling, booing, and betting had greeted Flikka when she emerged from the holographic representation of a tiger’s mouth that served as the saloon’s door.  Flikka found herself confronted by the sight of a mountain lion and a wolf rolling around on the floor between her and her immediate destination; the bar.  Bits of fur and blood stained the dark synthwood floor; mute testimony to the seriousness of the yowling, growling, scratching and biting combatants.  
 No one paid much attention to the pretty little ‘fox’ in th
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Doodling with Words! by Iron-Ed Doodling with Words! :iconiron-ed:Iron-Ed 1 3
                                                                 copyright 2000, by Ed Conen
 The wind rose and the sun was blue.  It does that when the azure dust of the Grape Plains is borne aloft on an afternoon breeze.  My fateful steed, Fayt, picked up his pace as the freshening air cooled him after the heat of mid-day.
 It had been hot and close in the canyons of the El Dorito and we had just topped out on the relatively flat plains less than an hour ago.  There the trail had split three ways.  Having no sign or indication of the best route, I turned Fayt to the wind and we headed south, gradually angling away from the canyons as the El Dorito trailed
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Christmas Fox 2014 - mixed media by Iron-Ed Christmas Fox 2014 - mixed media :iconiron-ed:Iron-Ed 2 3

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Ed Conen
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EDIT: 19Aug2017...
New kitty! "Izzy" is a 15.3 lb calico (female, of course) with very pretty marking pattern. Yes, she does have "cali-tude" too. Why do you ask? :-)
Izzy was my great-aunt's last cat. (Aunt Fanny loved cats and flowers.) Where those 15.3 lbs came from depends on who you ask. Mom says Izzy was noticeably fatter at one time!
Anyway; Aunt Fanny died a few years ago at 104 years. She still drove herself to work every day up until about 97 years. Mom and her husband had moved in with her several years before that to help her stay at home.
Eventually Mom inherited Izzy. After that, my sister moved in to help Mom & Elmer. At some point they decided Izzy was causing respiratory problems for someone. Just who, again, depends on who you ask. Now Izzy lives with me. I guess that makes her a true "family heirloom"! ("hairball-loom"?) :-)
Izzy is a sweet girl, and a talker. She almost has a kitten-chirp kind of voice instead of actual "meows". Cute! I am working on slowly bringing her weight down. Mom and/or Nancy would give her -10- kitty treats every day. I give her a maximum of 2 at a time, and those not every day. Since she no longer knows when to expect treats, she does not beg for them, but still loves what she gets.
(Hmm.. Is there a way to add a pic to this section?)

Anyway; just thought y'all might like to know! :-)

EDIT: 10Jan2017...
For those who care.. Chanur died quietly in November of 2016 at just over 17 years of age. I've had him and his brother, Morgan, since they were 3-week-old kittens and I fed them from a bottle. Morgan died in 2015 and I miss them both very much. I still look for them to lick the soup bowls clean. ;-)

I have one very old house-cat named Chanur. His brother died about a year-and-a-half ago. Chanur was named after the main family in CJ Cherryh's "Pride of Chanur" series of sci-fi novels. His deceased brother, Clueless Morgan, was named after a character in the movie "Muppet Treasure Island".
Various hobbies, and they keep changing. :-)


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